Welcome to Our Cash contribution a place where you are assured no loss on investment

GET 100% ON ₦25,000 in 24hrs to 5 Working days in 2 easy steps:
1. Provide help (PH) of N25,000 and get help (GH) of N25,000 in 24 Hours to be activated (1 time payment) – (Commitment stage)
2. PH ₦25,000 and GH ₦50,000 in 24hrs- 5 Working days and Recycle.

OCC is quick on Support response!

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About Occ

Our Cash Contribution

Our Cash Contribution (OCC) is a crowd funding community set up by a group of success driven professionals with the vision of ensuring a durable and successful return on investment by participants as we contribute to assist each other achieve their financial goals.

We offer one (1) package (₦25,000), 100% return on your help(to get ₦50,000);
With our unique feature displayed in our modus operandi:

Commit-Contribute-Get-Recycle, you are assured no loss on your investment and a durable investment period.

Our research has helped us fortify against areas and participants that may intend to mare this noble venture and as such the following standards are put in place;

  • One Help per day per account
  • No help allowed until you have gotten returns from previous help
  • All pledges for help shall be done by the system (automatic)

Best of all our support staff shall be online to attend to issues that may arise in bid to serve you better and contribute towards your financial freedom